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asos corset
i finally got it! when i saw the corset for the first time, i immediately fell in love!
i ordered 2 sizes, but european size 36 was is bit too small.
soooo, if someone want this awesome nude corset, i will sell it :]
[it's sold out at the moment]
the corset is 32 pounds, but i got a discount code from 20%, so it would be 32-6,40 pounds + shipping costs, converted in euros.
just leave a comment!

7 reacties:

Tess zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Tess zei

Wauw, hij is nog mooier in het echt! ben zelf aan het twijfelen om de zwarte te kopen.. Ben benieuwd naar outfits hiermee!

Suz zei

heel mooi!

uschkov zei

hi do you still have this top?

i wanted to buy it, but its sold out, as you said.


Nena zei

valt het corset klein ? ik ben aan het twijfelen over de maat ..

sweet girl zei

are you still selling this corset?

Stefanie Bernet zei

hi you. are you still selling this corset ? =) it's amazing-


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