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say hi to my new bikini!
when i saw it, i fell in love.
love the colors, the print and the perfect top.
yesterday i said 'i'm gonna buy this bikini'
and i was looking for someone who had a credit card,
but then someone gave me the mailadress from a girl
who often orders bikinis for girls living in holland.
sooo, this morning i ordered this awesome bikini! (it's a bit early, i know)
unfortunately, i have to wait till may.
the top will be send on the 20th of april, 'cause it's not in my size right now.

4 reacties:

Anoniem zei

Wow, echt heel mooi. Hij is van Victoria's Secret toch?X

Sietske zei

van VS ja :)

Your Lifestyle Guide zei

ooooo mooi! Zou hem ook wel willen!

EnRevant zei

where did you find it?


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Mintgreen jumper
Large scarfs
Zara shopper
Snake print pants
Silver band rings
Gold sequin dress
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