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what i wore at my sister's wedding
last few days i was só busy with arranging things for the wedding
on the 15th of april (the day before yesterday),
so that's the reason why i haven't update my blog.
these are the clothes i wore at the wedding:
a simple bodycon skirt from topshop
basic grey tee from cos
brown/copper blazer from zara
my new necklace from six
(and my new bag which i posted a few days ago)
later i'm gonna show you some pictures from the wedding.

6 reacties:

Fashiable zei

Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de outfit! Ik vind je ketting PRACHTIG

little. zei


∆ Sara zei

great but different for me because in my country for wedding we are wearing beautiful dresses and this is how you can dress for every party a wedding is a special occasion.

Suz zei

jammer dat je geen aanfoto's hebt, maar de blazer lijkt me erg mooi!

Mora e Bionda zei

I love love LOVe these necklaces, beautiful!

Marisa zei

I love this and your style :)


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Black western belt
Mintgreen jumper
Large scarfs
Zara shopper
Snake print pants
Silver band rings
Gold sequin dress
H&M Trend fake fur jacket
Zara sequin blazer