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they're fake, but só great!
a few weeks ago i ordered them at an a few days ago they arrived at my place.

i also would say that i'm really busy with my graduation project at the moment,
so that's why i was/am not posting outfits and other stuff last week.
the exhibition is wednesday and i'll show you the results later.
at friday the 17th my teachers tell me if i'm graduated or not.. i'm really excited!
but for now: bye! i got a lot of work to do these last two days.
(outfits are coming at the end of the week ór next week, sorry for that)

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Blond Panther & Louboutin... zei


STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

Suz zei

cool, ik vind ze mooi! jammer dat ze nep zijn, maar de echte zijn waarschijnlijk niet te betalen

mirjam schuurkamp! zei

super mooi!:)

New outfit post

Anoniem zei

they look real enough :) nice ones



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I'm a graduated Fashion Communicator/Designer
(stylist, concept developer, designer, communicator)
looking for a fashion job.
Do you have any tips or something?
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Black western belt
Mintgreen jumper
Large scarfs
Zara shopper
Snake print pants
Silver band rings
Gold sequin dress
H&M Trend fake fur jacket
Zara sequin blazer