byebye everyone!
i packed my bags for my flight to egypt at 11.35am tomorrow
hopefully me and my boyfriend arrive at 16.15am (local time)
and then we went by bus to our hotel.
can't wait to see the beach and large swimming pool!
i don't take my laptop with me, so after the 25th of july i'll update my blog!
you can expect a lót of holiday pictures then ;)
xo sietske

24 reacties:

Lena zei

have a fun holiday!

MANONbonbonn zei

Have fun!

Kelsey zei

Veel plezier!

Blond Panther & Louboutin... zei

very nice pieces.... love the bikini ;)

Suz zei

have fun! zo mooi, die bikini!

Ewa zei

omg, love your blog! +follow

the dresscode zei

veel plezier! x

Aleksandra Orin zei

nice, I hope that U spend great your free time.
Kisses, Orin

Instant Flowers zei

Oh super! Geweldige blog heb je :)

Vasu zei

Have a lot of fun, can't wait to see the pictures

Paula zei

Just found your blog and must say that your style is best that I've seen for a while! You are adorable!

Love the bikini and sunglasses in the photo. Happy holidays!

xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

Mallory zei

Oh my God, I'm just falling in love with your blog.
I can't wait to see your new post. Have a really nice vacations and I hope to talk to you when you will come back!



Maca zei

Woow! Have a great time there! Can't wait to see the pictures :)

Stiene S. zei

Wat een mooi horloge! Waar heb je die gekocht?
En veel plezier!

Cecil zei

Have a fantastic time! And I love those sunnies <3

Vera zei

Leuke blog, kom m net tegen :)
Ik volg je nu, vind je foto's erg mooi.
Als je tijd heb, neem een kijkje op de mijne en als je wilt volg maar.

Veel plezier in Egypte! T is daar wel ontiegelijk warm volgens mij :p


N.K.L zei

Have a great vacation :)
Beautiful blog you have - i am now following :)


Margot Ana zei

I love that bikini ! zei

Blogger werkt weer! Nu kan ik terug comments achterlaten! Geniet nog van je vakantie xx

Simone Bjørn Klausen zei

Have a nice trip, Egypt is great, I have been there, and it's lovely. Enjoy! I follow your blog, and it's really good! Take a look at my blog,, thanks :)

Pricz zei

have a nice trip! :)
god I have to tell u that I love ur style so much :)

Anoniem zei

I was in Egypt like 4-5 years ago,in city called Sharm el-Sheikh.It was just like a heaven!You should visit Cairo,to see Pyramids :)
p.s the sea is soooo saulty!be careful xx

Cindy zei

Lovely photo! Geniet van je vakantie :) Yours Truly, Cindy

Ola zei

have fun! xoxo


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