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after this summer i 'slowly' go back to brown hair.
i still love the blonde, but my hair needs some rest.
but before i go brown, maybe i first want this amazing hair colour.
it's the blonde hair that i've right now, but with some dark accents.
i really like it! what do you think? do or don't?

8 reacties:

Lady_sai zei

Hi! I love all your looks - they're quite inspiring- and your hair too. But this one reminds me the old ladies, when they dark hair are gettin' almost completely white. But it's just an opinion. Curious to see you with brown hair.

Sietske zei

Haha i really understand!
And probably you're right, that's why i need some opinions ;)
So thanks for that. And thanks for the compliment!

Blond Panther & Louboutin... zei

Loooove ;)


Julia zei

yes, you should def. do it !

.Porcelaine. zei

lovely blog! Im following u from now on :) would be glad if you'd check out my blog too.

MoreToAdore zei

Ik zeg doen! Ik vind het prachtig!

Suz zei

jammer dat je naar donker gaat.. vind blond je echt heel cool staan, maar ik snap het wel! ontkleuren is niet best elke keer. bovenstaande kleur spreekt me niet zo heel erg aan

Mallory zei

I LOVE this hair style ! I have brown long curly hair, but when I straight them, I love making some special hair style like that. I would love to try blond hair but I'm too scared so.. not for the moment!
I think I will prefer you blond :)


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