i'm (just a little bit ;)) proud to tell you that i'm featured in
one of the greatest fashion magazines from singapore,
ALEXIS magazine.
(my new blog-url is in it, i really hope it's online this week,
but some things are still not working)

ALEXIS magazine is a street and edgy ladies fashion magazine,
is published every 6 weeks and their target audience is the 21-35 demographic.
What differentiates their from other local magazines in singapore
is their emphasis on street style, a mix of vintage, retro, mass-market,
high-end, high street.. it doesn't matter.. all that matters is the final look.

take a look at their website, facebook, blog and everything, it's really worth it!

7 reacties:

Kristina zei

Wow, that's so cool)
Your style is wonderful and deserves it)

www.glamour-blog.com zei

Gefeliciteerd meid! Je verdiend het met z'on geweldige blog!

Diana zei

yeah, I´m in it, too :)
really looking forward to the magazine(I want to show it to my mum!) I´m also happy, that you´re featured in it, too, one of my favourites!


Sietske zei

Thanks girls!

@ Diana; Awesome! I also really want to show it to my parents, especially my mum is so proud of me haha, so cute.

Merveilleux ▲ zei

Very nice, gefeliciteerd! Magazine ziet er goed uit ook (:

Cindy zei

Siets! Wat cool zeg!

Ik kwam echt toevallig via een beautyblog op jouw blog terecht, maar wat zie je er bruin en goed uit zeg! En wat heb je een leuke blog!

xx Cindy

Marta Långstrump zei

Congratulations Sietske!
Do you really came from Utrecht?! Miffy's city!
All your ouyfit are amazing!!


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