some days ago i received some amazing fake tattoos from 'fake tattoos'!
and there's one surprise:
i also can give 3 of you a fake tattoo!
(i'll choose the winners randomly)

what should you do?
1. like 'fake tattoos' at facebook
2. follow me with google friend connect or bloglovin'
3. just choose the tattoo you like the most and write it down in a comment.
4. and don't forget to also write down your email address.

the give-away will be closed at the 3rd of september.

59 reacties:

Katty zei

Cool, so my favourite tattoo are the Henna armbands tattoo, classed under trend tattoo :)

Queen of Hearts zei

My favorite is the birds :)

Dee zei

i loved the sentence one "carpe diem "

Shirley zei

Wat een prachtige foto's maak je steeds!

Highheels and Nothingtowear zei

Hey! Ik zag je outfit staan op lookbook en werd nieuwsgierig.. Leuke blog en super outfits! Leuk! Ik volg je! XO Dianne

Femme zei

ik volg je via google friend connect en heb het geliked op facebook! mijn favoriet is de klavertje 4 'luck' tattoo.

Tess zei

Ah zo leuk! Ik doe mee :) Ik volg je al van in het begin met bloglovin en heb de fb pagina geliked ;) Mijn favoriet is de "birds" tattoo, met de twee zwaluwen :) liefs, Tess

Jeanique zei

Ik heb alles gedaan ;)
Het was erg moeilijk om een keuze te maken ..
Ik heb voor de wings gekozen.

Sash zei

birds :)

emeliestricker zei

My favourite is the feather!

šokolādes cepumiņš zei

well i like Henna tattos.

pinamalina zei

My favorite is the birds

Blond Panther & Louboutin... zei

love this pic ;)

STreet DIary: Adil's Jurassic Shoes

Katielive zei

I would love to have this one:

Kim zei

Leuke winactie! Ik volgde je al op Bloglovin' en heb geliked op Facebook. Het zou geweldig zijn als ik de''Citty Design'' tattoos zou winnen. :) Mail is

Camille Faria zei

You totally inspired me in chanhing my hair style. I want to show you:

you´re amazing, beatiful and soooo fashionable! Truly inspiring.

Vanessa da Silva Miranda zei

i like your blog. found you on
and this giveaway will be perfect since i'm indecise in doing a tatto ;)
my favorites are the Citty diamond
and my email adress is
kisses. hope i win yeaaaah ;)
Vi// zei

Hey meid! Eentje met een tekst vind ik wel leuk :)! Of dat veertje. Maakt niet uit!

Ik volg je zowel op google als blogloving! xxx

Fashiable zei

Prachtige 'tattoo', maar ik doe niet mee met deze prijs haha!

Suz zei

hij staat je super mooi maar niet helemaal mijn ding


My favourite tatto is text: DESIRE or feather

JaclynFrances zei

The peacock feather and the black star are my favorites.

... zei

<3 Peacock feather

Merti zei I like this tatoo. Trend fashion tatoo - birds links :P

Cellia Elisabeth zei

i love this :


THE zei

Heel subtiel

XO Charlotte

Justyna zei

Lovely by Lucy zei

Love the birds!
Great giveaway, I hadn't heard about faketattoos yet but I'm happy I do now!
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo but am always afraid I will regret it, so having a fake one first might be a good tryout to see if I like it!
I looove the Birds tattoo!

Anoush-K zei

Hey Sietske !:)

I love this giveway !^^

Thank you so much to share it with us :)

xoxo A.

marcella zei

wow ... awesome tattoo :)

Mycha zei

I want Skull tattoo !

Simone Bjørn Klausen zei

Great competition. Your feather is the most beautiful one. But I would like the birds!

gcontradiction5 zei

I love the Revolver one . sexy and cool .
Pick me pleaseeee :)

Cindy zei

Liked on FB and following on BlogLovin'
I like the birds also!

Style Soufflé

Lelya zei

Did everything!
I like celtic cross most of all! And want it very much :)
From Russia w love

michelle zei

I love the birds !!! they are all so amazing!

Lali zei

Wow, I love the feather tattoo you have, I would love to win that. I am off and on thinking about getting a real one but want to try with a fake one first.

x Lara

Kazia zei

That one is so cool!

juliet zei

perfect giveaway!
I really like WINGS

liisa zei
this one's awesome

k a y l a zei

this is such an amazing giveaway!
i LOVE this one, the "birds".

Karst aka Laura zei

pannakota zei

the birds :)

Elisa zei

OMG it's my fav

Lin3c zei

Salut !

Alors j'aime la page FB (Lindsay Urbain)

Le tatoo choisit est : Peacock feather (

Mon adresse mail :

Gros bisous !

The fashion building / DIY zei

Wat tof zeg! Die veer is erg mooi.
Ik ga voor het velletje met de 'peacock feather', die vogeltjes zijn erg mooi.


Schokilicious zei

My favourite are the angel wings by Temporary Ink love it!!!

Sebastian zei

I like the feather the best, couldn't find it on the site, tho. Next best were the birds

Nicol zei

I like this giveaway! :)
So my favourite is the birds :)

AngryChair zei

Ik volg je via bloglovin' ! Je hebt echt een leuke stijl.
De tattoo die ik het leukste vind is het veertje van jou en de skull <3

Laura zei

c'est fait!
jou veertje!

EiNKA zei

Amazing tatooes! I'll pick this:

Kim zei

Tough choice! Really like the feather on your photo, but couldn't find it on the site, so I think I'll go with the coloured peacock feather instead!

elisse zei

Zalige give-away! Ik hoop dat ik nog net op tijd ben en zou graag gaan voor de 'Peacock Feather' tattoo, awesome!
Mocht ik winnen:

zol123 zei

I like the anchor! Awesome blog!

Zuz zei

perfect give-away! i'd love to win the rose and swallows tattoo :)

Alix'E zei

My favorite is the 'birds' tattoo:)

thanks for the giveaway!x

Faye H zei

eee, im obsessed with these!
i love the birds!

thank you! xx

Fashionjunky zei

Hi Sietske,
Leuke give away :)
Ik vind de Citty tattoo heel leuk :)

mijn email is



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