let me introduce you the new webshop MyLoveFashion,

a dutch webshop with asian fashion.
the shop sells dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, bags and so on and
i've a little surprise for you: you can win this great camel bag!

what you have to do:
- like MyLoveFahion at facebook and/or follow with twitter or hyves
- follow me with google friend connect and/or bloglovin'
- post a comment why you want the bag and don't forget to enter your email in the same post.

increase your chances to win:
- tweet this message:
I want to win a @MyLoveFashion bag @Sietske_L

the give-away is during 2 weeks, so it ends at the 4th of october.

67 reacties:

Anoniem zei

I want to win the bag because I really like the colour and shape of it!
Also most of my bags are black, so it would be really cool to add one in another colour! :)

Anoniem zei

Hello! I would love to win the bag as i think it is the perfect trans-seasonal piece and will take me nicely into winter! Also, its big enough for keeping snacks in...:)

Ruby xx

Sharon zei
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Lady_sai zei

The bag is just fantastic! Perfect and big enough to carry all my tech gadgets like phone, ebook, mp3player, some make up and even more and more girly stuff in a very fashion way for fall/winter and in this colour! I just love it! Besides, it is the best match for all my outfit colours! So, yes! I would love to win it!

My mail is:

Renske van Zutphen zei

Hee Sietske, het lijkt me erg leuk om deze tas te winnen omdat ik niet zo vaak tassen tegen kom die ik echt leuk vind en waarin ik genoeg spullen kan doen! Deze tas vind ik echt helemaal geweldig en ze passen precies bij de nieuwe schoenen die ik wil gaan kopen hehe! HUG

Lucka. zei

I follow you via bloglovin.
I NEED new bag. Every my bag is black so I looking for some bag who is not black. (sorry for my english)
I hope I win:)

Anoniem zei

Wat een heerlijke tas! Ziet er goede kwaliteit uit, mooi formaat en een kleur die overal bij past. Net wat ik nodig heb!

maria sousa zei

all done! :)

jenny k. zei

It is an amazing bag!i want it because i don't have a camel colored bag!the most bags that i have is black!also it has an amazing shape!
my email

EiNKA zei

OMG that's THE bag I really want for a looong time! My email:

Katty zei

Great Giveaway !
I really want to win, because this bag is perfect : beautiful, practical, it has a long cove, and it's a satchel look-alike bag !
Really hope I'll win it :D

♥ Waqay zei

Unfortunately my favorite bag has suffered a total loss and is now in a unrepairable state :(. Therefore I am in search of a worthy replacement and this bag would be a fantastic substituted. This I will keep my fingers crossed for myself this time :)

coopsy zei

This bag is amazing! I'd really like to have it because I have been searching forever for a bag just like this one. It's my birthday the 5th of October & this would be the best birthday present ever :)

Eline zei

I wanna win the bag because it's the missing piece to my wardrobe :)

Anoniem zei

I've wanted a bag like this for a long time, but my budget just doesn't permit. It's definitely a very versatile piece and the shape and color is just how I want it. I really hope I get!

Tess zei
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Tess zei

Ja ik doe graag mee, wat een leuke webshop! Heb alle stappen gedaan en ik heb ook geretweet:!/TessTettelin/status/116179837072326656
mijn email:

liefs, Tess

Luiza zei

I really want to win because i´m a bagfreak :D

Laura zei

c'est fait!

Lisanne zei

I want to win this bag because is so damn pretty!

GoldBlackMirror zei

i love the pictures!

Marrit zei

Wauw wat een geweldige tas!

Ik heb de Facebook geliked, ik volg je op bloglovin en heb de tweet gepost op mijn Twitter. Helaas heb ik wel een slotje, dus ik heb er een printscreen van gemaakt. :) (

Gabriela and Veronika zei

I liked the facebook page and also follow you on google:)

I'd love to win the bag cause a brown big bag had been on my wishlist for quite a long time. I love the kind of bags to which you can put everything you want and according to the fact that I'm starting IB this year I have to carry books and tons of folders. Why shouldn¨'t I make the sorrow of doing nothing but homework a bit more fashionable? :)) and it would perfectly fit with the autumn coat I have - a camel one :))

highlighteryellow zei
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Suz zei

heel erg leuke tas! ik volg jou via bloglovin en volg hen via facebook en twitter (@Fashionisaparty).


ik wil hem heel graag winnen omdat... ik nog geen bruine tas heb, erg hè? sowieso heb ik amper tassen, dus ik kan er wel één gebruiken en deze vind ik heel leuk! ook een ideaal formaat! genoeg redenen, toch?

Weronika zei

My old bag needs to be replaced by some new one, and this is so pretty!

Sara zei

i want to win this bag because it looks great and i need one like this to bring my books to school everyday. zei

Waarom? Omdat het een perfecte basic is die mooi past bij vele looks :)! x

Diane zei

I want to win the bag because I find it very fashionable and it can add a little classy touch to any outfits! I also love the color!

PS: I also tweeted it:!/deeane_a/status/116231527918088192


Nikac zei

great blog,great giveaway
well,I should win this bag because I'm searching for the perfect bag for a long time,and this is it!!!
and of course,I will save money for other things if I win this giveaway :)


Zuz zei

I'd love to win this bag cause it would be a perfect replacement for my current old school bag :))

Love your blog!

design traveller zei

Perfect bag, classy! It goes perfectly with my new brown shoes :)

Twigg zei

I want this bag 'cause I've seen it before on the website, I've discovered it recently. Unfortunately I cannot purchase it and I really love it. I was so stoked that you have the same bag for a Give Away ahah. Fingers crossed =)

Anindya zei

The bag is perfect. It's big, cute, and camel! Besides, I really need a new bag now since my old bag is starting dull.

I followed you via Google Friend Connect, followed mylovefashion on twitter and facebook. Oh and I also tweeted the message link -->

my email is

crossed fingers.


de_bo_ra91 zei

Done! I'd like to win this bag because it fits perfectly with my new jacket :)

emba zei

I want this bag because i'm a poor student who still walks on the streets with her black & white Bjorn Borg bag -___-'

Renske zei

Super leuke tas! Handig voor al mijn schoolspullen, want die lijken nooit in mijn tas te passen :P
Mylovefashion is een hele leuke webshop, heb er al meerdere keren besteld en ik kan het zeker aanraden!

JaclynFrances zei

That bag is gorgeous!! The color, the shape, the size, everything about it is practically my dream bag!!!
Already a follower on Bloglovin
Followed on Twitter & Tweeted

Aleksandra Anna. zei

I'd love to have it in the raining fall.
It looks so amazing! ;)

Live life glamorous zei

Prachtige tas. Ik heb afgelopen week wat aan online shopping gedaan en deze tas past heel mooi bij mijn pastel-kleurige nog niet ontvangen blazer!

Daarnaast is het nooit mis om eens wat te winnen toch. ;-)

celliasaragih zei

i'd like to win because that bag's perfect as my stuff ;p
i've done the extra entry :)

Christina zei

Ik wil graag winnen, omdat ik allang opzoek ben naar een goede tas en deze is perfect :D

Christina zei

oh me email is ahaha


hey, beautiful photos ;) love your look
i am a new follower. please, follow me back if you like my blog

Silke - Het is klein en het zei

super, ik doe graag mee!
ik heb alles gedaan en ook getweet:!/silkepee/status/116601007370285056

Ik wil 'm hebben omdat ik er dan vast heel interessant uitzie op weg naar school. In plaats van een slap H&M-tasje gewoon zo'n kick-ass cameltas :D

Anoniem zei

I want to win this bag because is perfect, I love the colour

Sandra zei

I want to win this bag beacause I need some new, and this is perfect

Chal zei

I want to win this bag because I think that it will be very useful especially when I travel. The size is just perfect and I like the color and the style.

mswanderlusterphilippines AT gmail DOT com

Carolina zei

I am looking for a bag like that for some weeks, because it is really beautiful and fashion.
Great and super stylish blog by the way!

ileen zei

OMG, die tas is echt supersupersuperleuk! Echt heel erg tof! Het is echt dé kleur voor bij de outfits die ik altijd draag, ben al een tijdje op zoek naar zo'n tas.. Helaas heb ik geen facebook, twitter of hyves:( dus ik kan denk ik niet meedoen.. heel erg jammer :'(

xx ileen

ChaaaaTN zei

I want to win this bag because I think he is perfect for fall. And the colour is jut so perfect for this season too!!!
Thank you for this giveaway!!

Jenny zei
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shanel zei

I would like to have this bag because it would fit with my outfits and also because I'm absolutely in love with this kind of vintage bag. I am looking for a bag like this one ,since a long time but i've never find. This bag has a perfect size, my stuff would dream to be in it.I could use it for going to school, currently it could be so usefull for me. I love the shape, the details that are simply but so magnific, the seize, the color, the texture, in fact EVERYTHING ! Perfect and big enough to carry all my things, gadgets and all these girly stuff. It's possible to wear it in every season, but espacially fall and winter, it's perfect !! The bag is just fantastic! LOVE IT AND NEED IT !


Starry-eyedx3 zei

I'd love to have this bag because I never can find any cute bags when I go shopping and I absolutely love Asian fashion!

Mia Hong zei

This bag is gorgeous, and a definite staple in any girl's wardrobe (including mine!). The size is perfect, I could stuff all my books in it, but it's also perfect to carry it out whenever and wherever.

Here's my extra entry:!/bambicult/status/117676183709155329

Mia Hong

Anoniem zei

I really want this bag because I am in desperate need of a big bag for university. I find it really hard to actually find big bags that are useful and pretty at the same time! ;)

candygirly (at)

zsofi litvan zei

Hey! I'm in love with this bag! I adore its shape and its color. I bought a new dress, and this bag would look awesome with it :)

my e-mail:

Frankie zei

I am just found of the bag. Would totally make my day every time I go to school + I can wear it on the shoulder !!!! iIt's the best bag to travel with....ahhhhh I so want it :)

Soraya zei

I would love a bag like thath because the shape is perfect for just casual but I can also use it for my books. Also all my bags are black and i'm desperately looking for a good brown bag! also a very very big plus, it looks good with everything!

Anoniem zei

Hello :)

My name is Ellie and I am a fan of yours on lookbook!
I want this bag because not only is it versatile, it would go well with everything, it is beautifully designed and so cute!
The bag is nice and big and would be able to fit everything essential inside! I hope you consider my entry!

My e-mail is:
Hopefully you will e-mail me with good news!


kat zei


i would absolutely love this bag as i've been looking for a camel-colored satchel to take around with me but haven't found the perfect one, but this definitely is! (:

and fb (in case it's necessary): katherine hsu


highlighteryellow zei

i want this bag because
1/ i'm a new grad. i live on a tight budget. i always have to try and get the most out of all my outfits. its the same with this bag. i already have a tonne of creative ideas on what to pair it with in my wardrobe!
2/ i will take care of it and give it a good home. i promise!
2/ i will feature it in my blog (


AluckyGirl zei

Super leuke tas!
die wil ik zeker heel erg graag omdat:
ik al lang op zoek ben naar een mooie leren tas maar ik zit nog op school en heb een erg klein budget maandelijks, en ik wil desperetly die tas, hij ziet er perfect uit!
dit is mij e-mail :

Nanda zei

Super leuke tas,ik zou hem zeer graag willen winnen.
Het komt weinig voor dat ik een leuke tas ergens tegen kom. Ik ben al heel lang op zoek naar zo'n soort tas. Ik heb eigenlijk alleen maar rugtassen of met een lang hengsel.
Dit is echt mijn droomtas.

groetjes en alvast bedankt

Cydneyrai zei
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Cydneyrai zei

I'd love to win this bag because it is absolutley gorgeous and just my style. I'm always looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I'm unemployed and going to school right now so I can't really afford to shop too much! Plus, you can never have too many bags! (Sorry if this posted twice!)

donnaninz zei

I want to win this bag coz i have a perfect outfit that goes with it.. and i love bags, love the color, love the length, love the size.. It will also look good in my everyday look for school... ♥♥♥ hope you'll give me a chance.. :) ♥♥♥


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