well, i think the most of you know this zara shopper already,
but i still have a crush on it. for a long time i really need it,
so it's time to buy it now, right? but i don't have the money for it now..
sucks big time!
and the heels.. what do i have to say? gorgeous!
they're from dinsko, a swedish shop, but they don't ship to the netherlands, damn.

11 reacties:

Marloes zei

Die tas is inderdaad supermooi!

Mel zei

Love the bag and the shoes!
What do you think of this bag?

world on high heels zei

Love the bag !

Sietske zei

@ Mel:
That bag is awesome! Just saw it at Romwe :)
Love it

Mel zei

@ Sietske:
I know!! And it is sooo cheap! Vooral omdat het nog leer is ook ;-)

Anoniem zei

Ik heb die tas ook echt NODIG, helaas mn portemonnee niet :(
Xoxo Whitney

THE zei

Die tas blijft prachtig, een must-have

XO Charlotte

Nina J. zei

Tas is echt super!! (Suz) zei

klopt idd! heb ik bij victoria gezien, die laarsjes zijn zo mooi! en de shopper trouwens ook. ja, geen geld hebben sucks big time ;)

Mel zei

En dan zie ik net dat Elin Kling die enkellaarsjes heeft gekocht! Hoe irritant is dat :( I want them too!!

Mel zei

i absolutely can understand your dilemma! i also fell in love with the zara bag, but my beautiful black darling is just not in my price range right now :( soooo, you're not alone ^^
and the shoes are amazing!


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