some days ago i received a package from
kan dee shop with an amazing tank and bag!
kan dee is a swedish art designer who made amazing arts ánd
put the arts on tees, hoodies, tanktops, bag and so on.
many famous swedish fashion bloggers are wearing 'kan dee', as example: kenza, lisa olsson
and one of my favourites victoria törnegren.
just take a look a the webshop and i you found something interesting:
i may offer you a 20% off discount code!
just put the stuff you want in the 'shopping bag' and when you get to checkout
you have to enter the code 'sietske' (my name).
the code is available until the 30th of september!

outfitposts are coming this week.

UPDATE 092011
The discount code should work now.
But, it's not working on:
- Reproductions
- Post cards & Gift cards
- Weekly offers
- Sale

13 reacties:

Amazona zei

I think I'm in love with the t-shirt.

Hot Magenta Blog

Merveilleux ▲ zei

De kortingscode werkt niet op de tassen? :(

Nina J. zei

Nice top!

xLove. zei

super leuke webshop is dat!

Sietske zei

@ Merveilleux: Huh wat raar? Ik ben nu aan het navragen hoe het kan. Laat het hier weten

Sietske zei

It's working! If not, contact Kan Dee :)

Steffy zei

love that tank

Fashiable zei


Lovely by Lucy zei

Loooove that bag! Bedankt voor de kortingscode, ik ga zeker even kijken in de webshop!
XO, Lucy
Lovely By Lucy

Suz zei

leuk, enjoy! zei

Bij me werkt de code ook niet, jammer!

Sietske zei

Wat vreemd zeg. Ik ga het nog eens navragen.
Kom er hier op terug!

Rockin' Chanel zei

Love that t-shirt... And you blog!


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