some days ago i asked you to send me some questions you wanna know about me.

these are the results:

what is your job? i don’t have a job atm. as the most of you know I\i’m graduated for my fashion communication education at the art academy in august, so now i’m looking for an amazing fashion job!

when did you get interested in fashion? when i was a little girl (i think i was 10 years old or something) i played ‘fashion designer’ with my friends. we created or own studio and drew or own designs. i always wanted to become a fashion designer and when i was in highschool i just made an portfolio to be accepted at the art academy. first i studied fashion design, but in my third year i chose for fashion communication. so that’s my fashion story so far haha ;)

who is your favorite designer? i love alexander wang, 3.1 phillip lim and acne. i think they’re close to my style.

how did you come up with the idea to have your own fashion bog? about 1,5 year ago i begun with blogging. most of the time i blogged about my inspiration, so i begun with the idea to show other people what inspires me. now i love to share my own style with you all, and i really appreciate you followers, many thanks for that!

do you spend a lot of money on your clothes? hmm sometimes, it differs every month, so i can’t really tell. i spend less money than last year, for now most of the time i’m looking for a specifically item.

do you have another passion than fashion? i love photography, but fashion photography though, so that doesn’t count ;) next to fashion music is really important in my life. but to call it a passion? i don’t know..

have you already thought to stop your blog? only at the beginning. i made terrible photo’s with the camera in my hand, so my blog was really unprofessional. for now I’m looking for someone who could go with me outside to make outfitpictures, but it’s hard to find someone..

what is the piece of clothing you mostly treasure? most important for me is a leather jacket. i just love leather and i'm totally into a 'sturdy' look. in my opinion you could combine a leather jacket with every kind of style.

what type of clothing you really dislike? i don’t like jeans with glitters etc. and lace is really not my favourite fabric for clothes, only for underwear please haha.

what kind of music do you like? i love techno, some deephouse and minimal. i always go technoparties and i really love that party scene.

do you like reading books and what are your favorites? not at all, but i really have to do it, i know.. once i'm reading, i love it and can't stop, but i just don't start to.

do you have any siblings? i’ve a brother and sister. my brother is 25 years old and my sister 27, so i’m the youngest.

could you show us what did you look like when you were a child? i only have a picture when i was a baby, but here it is.

how tall are you? i’m really tall, 184cm.

what kind of food do you like? i’m totally into indonesian food. my boyfriend is half indonesian, so he and his indonesian mother cook really, really delicious!

are you a light sleeper? totally yes. i awake by the slightest sounds and i hate it..

7 reacties:

Manon zei

Leuk om te lezen.
Ik had eigenlijk nog een vraag; jij had die fake tattoos ook geprobeerd toch? Hoe lang bleven ze zitten?


Sietske zei

@ Manon: Dankje en ja dat klopt. Het zijn eigenlijk gewoon van die plakplaatjes zoals vroeger. Bij mij bleef de tattoo alsnog zo'n 4 dagen zitten (als je heel voorzichtig doet met douchen)

Anoniem zei

Do u like being that tall? Do u never feel insecure or have problems with boys? I'm about the same height. I think u r very pretty though :)


Haha, die baby foto is te gek!
Ik mag jou wel, denk ik ;). zei

Wat zag je er snoezig uit op je baby foto :)

Angie zei

You could be a model! lucky you. I also love thai foot yummy!

Manon zei

@ Sietske,

Oke, dank voor je reactie :)


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