lovely followers,

the most of you 'know' me, but i don't know you!
so tell me something about yourself if you want.
what's your name, age, where are you from, what's your style etc?
just a little 'story' about yourself.
it will be really nice to read who are my followers exactly :)
xo sietske

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♥ Heels Are My Drugs ♥ zei

i'm Aysel & 24 years old.
from Istanbul, Turkey.
have a master degree on Economics
a huge fashion lover
diy maker
but first of all life lover :)
i love combining different contrast colors in one outfit.

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Nora zei

Hi! :)
I'm Nora from Finland and I'm 16 years old. Now I'm in highschool and after that going to medical school, cause I want to be a doctor.
I have followed your blog from spring and I absolutely love your style! If you want to check out my blog, here's the link:

It's written in Finnish but anyways :D

rebecca zei

i'm rebecca from germany and i turned 19 five days ago.
i have just graduated gymasium this summer and now i'm trying to find out who i am and what i want.
my style, well, i guess it is kind of relaxed :)

atmosphere. zei

i'm stella, i'm a 19-year-old italian girl who lives in Torino.
Next week im gonna start university, here in my city, and i will study Law.
My family is made up by artists and architects, so i have always been extremely fascinated by art.
I wouldn't know how to define my style, because it literally comes from the different sources of inspiration that surround me. i feel so lucky for living in Italy and every day i go around my city, which was the first capital of Italy - before Rome, i feel the history, the art and the passion. That sounds like REAL inspiration to me :)
Anyway, i love your blog and i honestly think that you don't have the right attention you deserve.
Good job with this blog, keep it on!

Swaen zei

Hoi! Ik ben Swanhilde, 17 jaar en woon op het moment voor een jaar in Zweden. Ik heb in Nederland de Havo afgerond vorig jaar en doe nu een uitwisselingsjaar. Als ik terug ben wil ik de lerarenopleiding Engels doen.
Ik mis thuis natuurlijk wel, mijn lieve vrienden, familie en mijn vriendje, maar dat ik dit doe maakt me zo trots. Dat ik de kans heb om een jaar naar het buitenland te gaan.
Erg leuk om jou kledingstijl te bekijken, ik vergeet altijd om outfitfoto's te maken, maar ik zou het vaker willen doen.
Liefs, Swaen

Steffy zei

I'm Stefany, 16 and from Germany. I'm into fashion and art. My style is a little bit edgy but most of all comfy and casual. I also like it classy with a touch of vintage.

Claudia zei

Claudia, 24, from Portugal.
I'm taking the masters degree in Museology. Love fashion and geeky stuff.I don't really know what to say about myself. I loved your blonde hair. =P

Tess zei

Ik ben Tess, ben 20 jaar oud en studeer project & eventmanagement. Ik woon in hartje antwerpen en ben een huge fashion/beauty lover! Eum.. Ik volg je blog al heel lang (van in het begin denk ik) en ben nog steeds fan!

Lady_sai zei

I'm 23 and a Spanish freelance translator and interpreter, and I obviously love fashion. I found your blog as un alternative to fashion magazines in my country that disappointed me, and fall in love with your style! And in my free time, I decided to begin a blog, trying to tell friends and followers what I like about fashion:

Alessia zei

I'm 23 and from venice, italy.. graphic designer student in fashion design :) i love your simple blog!

Katty zei

Oh cool ! Let's do this lol
My name Katty, I'm 17 (very soon 18 on the 21st of October), I'm entering in College on the 3rd of October, to do an english licence (Language Litteratures, Foreign Cultures). I love fashion, something that probably a lot of your reiders must have tell you lo, but well I am ! Especially your style, who is simple, cool, and chic. And I hope that wen I grow up I'll have the style of the blogger Andy from StyleScrapbook. :) I live in Paris, and I am originally from The Comoros (I'm black ^^). And my style is very similar to yours, I first love your blog because you wear Converse very often and they are my all time favourite shoes, and the way you wear them is sooo cool ! It's like the way I love to wear them !
Hope you like my mini-bio !
Des bisous !

Little C zei

Hi! Carlijn van, op dit moment studeer ik aan de hotelschool en als ik klaar ben hoop ik over te gaan op journalistiek:). Ook werk ik in restaurants en hoop ik binnenkort een fotografe te vinden voor m'n blog, die nog een beetje amateuristisch is. Heb je blog pas een week geleden ontdekt en vind je stijl super leuk! Elke keer iets anders:). Je staat in m'n bladwijzer lijstje dus klik elke dag even om te kijken.

Au revoir!

livingbelowtheclouds zei

I'm Joana, 20 years old and I'm from Portugal. Currently I'm taking a degree in Educational sciences. My style is classic with a bit of edge.
Love your blog :)

Silver zei

I only just started following your blog (found you on girlscenenl), but I love it and although I'm more a heel type of girl I really like your outfits.
I'm 22 btw and from Holland (Amsterdam but study IT/Informatica in Nijmegen atm and also got my English Teacher P). I'm still not really sure about my style yet. Audrina P said her style was ''tough yet girly'' and I'd like to think my style is like that too :P

Lovely by Lucy zei

I'm Lucy. I study, I blog. I shop. I've been following your blog for a while now since I find your style very inspiring and I love how down to earth it is. I also really like how you can look so great without wearing heels. So many bloggers wear heels, and although it looks amazing, I love how you proof that the painful damn things aren't necessary. Furher, I study social sciences and communication, and I'd love to work in fashion communication (like you!). Fashion is in my mind all day, that's also why I started my blog. I just needed to do something with it. So thanks for all the inspiration so far, I'd love to meet you one day!
Lucy from Arnhem
Lovely By Lucy

Laurina zei

I'm Laura from Italy, Bologna. I'm 30 and i'm a doctor, a forensic scientist for real...CSI like! :)
Just love the way you mix up sporty, classy and elegant me!!
I love french fashion, oversized t shirt,all star and hig heels....just want to be comfortable and personalize with accesories! :)
Can't wait to see your next outfits!
kisses from Italy

Camille Faria zei

I´m Camille from Brazil. I´m a 25 years old dentist who owns a blog (
I´m more into fashion since november last year and nowadays I like the modern style of clothing, hair, acessories. Never without heels, cuz I´m a short girl lol. I used to practice karate, do origami, drawing. I like to keep it moving as all sagittarius would like.

Love your blog, your style, youre super duper inspiring!

Ruby Anne zei


I'm Ruby Anne, and I'm a 21 year old student living in Leeds in the UK. I love books, rum, my pets (2 cats and a dog!) fashion, history, music and photography. I'm a bit scared of the dark! My style inspiration comes from girls on the street, other bloggers, and a few celebs!

great idea for a post!!

Feel free to follow my blog at


Mary zei

Hi there! :)

My name is Mary, 18 years old and I am from Canada. I just recently followed your blog but I've seen your photos on lookbook before.

I'm into photography and fashion. I would like to travel around the world someday. I love to watch horror movies, although I'm afraid of it sometimes :s I usually like to wear neutral colour clothing. I don't have a specific style or anything; Just anything that is simple and stylish imo, would work out for me.
p.s. I read one of your post about your height and I was really surprised :)

Lie zei

Hey :)
I'm Lie, a 25-year old Biologystudent from Germany :)

I like a very clean and simple Fashion- and Make-upstyle :)

Berta zei

I am Roberta, from Hungary.
23, have a degree in Tourism and Catering. But I work at a small company as a translator (German).
I have two blogs, an inspirational ( and a personal (
Nice to meet you!

bluntly zei

I'm Gabi, I'm from Austria, I'm 21 and I'm studying architecture. My style is like your's, I would say. Good quality pieces, instead of many cheap-looking things..
I own a little blog, but its more like a online wishlist, with great things that I want to keep in mind. (
Your blog is one of my favorite.
I like like like a lot.
Many greets from Austria..

Jess Vilardi zei

I do not usually do this kind of things -to describe me- but you wrote something important : what is a person who doesn't know about people surrounding entirely the world? I suggest, that kind of person doesn't really care about life, because life is everything, everybody in everywhere.

For now, I dont consider I am that kind of girl who could have millions of followers because I'm just living and not all the things I like, most of people like. However, I've made some friends which I consider are great and unique. I like reading poems and drawing when I don´t know what else to do. I love looking at photography, I could get lost into a photo until found out the exit way and get lost in another one. Also, I write a lot (lol). I'm 17. And of course I love the way you mix colours to make an amazing outfit.

Have a great day,

Jess Vilardi

Dee zei

oh fun !
i'm Dania , 21 , from saudi arabia / riyadh
i study english literature in college
I love blogging so much , sad thing is you rarely see any blogs from my country in english or about beauty/fashion .
so i guess i'm one of the very few that do blog here .
anyway I absolutely love your blog and style <3

Mina Seoul zei

Hi! I'm Mina, 17, I'm from Belgium.
I do Latin (highschool) and love history!
Love your blog ^_^ my style is a mix of girly- hippie- rockstar( if it's possible to mix those styles XD) I love writing, singing and fashion and I want to be a writer someday!
Much Love,

LitleGoldenPrinses zei

Heeeyy !! My name is Prisca , a upcoming fashiondesigner ! Im from Belgium and I study Creatie en Mode in Antwerp. Im in love with fashion !! My hobbys are photography ,modeling (modeling is only recently)and make-up , like , maybe if Im not one of my hobbys I would like to be a make-up artist (dreams are good xp). I also love youre blog ! Its like a fashion minimalism !Anyway , Im not always on my litlegoldenprinsess blog but you can follow me on tumblr if you want !
xoxoxo Prisca

Shira zei

Hello my name is Shira, I'm 15 years old,from Israel.I in high school in the scouts and I love to make my own clothes when I have time for that..
I guess my style is mix of classic, rock-star,hippie depends on the day..

Sietske zei

Thanks so much everyone!
So great to read about you, all different ages, countries, styles.

And Jess: I'm really impressed with what you said.
It sounds like a kind of poem, beautiful.
And thanks for answering anyway :)

Matgorzata zei

Hoi hoi,
Ik ben Matgosia, geboren in polen en woon sinds mijn vierde in nederland.heb een poolse moeder en nederlandse vader.woon in amsterdam en werk momenteel bij een groot bekend aannemers bedrijf full time. Ik heb hbo bouwkunde gestudeerd, ben dus een bouwvrouw, maar totaal niet boyish ;). Ondanks dat ik in een mannenwereldje werk houdt fashion mij erg bezig. Op hakken voel ik mij erg vrouwelijk en sexy,maar ook gympen draag ik graag.mijn stijl is verschillend...ik lees en bekijk veel fashion en beauty blogs. Mooie make up heb ik ook een zwak voor. Blogjes bekijken doe ik zeker wel zo'n 1 uur per dag minimaal...daardoor wordt mijn portomonnee ook steeds dunner ;). Owja ik ben 24 jaar oud.
Leuke stijl heb je en leuk om elke dag je blog te bezoeken
(Heb vanaf mijn mobiel getypt, dus hoop dat het beetje weg leest en te begrijpen is :)).

Thats So Nerdy zei


Ik ben Jana, 24 jaar en ik woon in Oud-Beijerland. Dat ligt vlak bij Rotterdam. ;) Ik heb nu drie jaar een relatie, woon nog bij mijn ouders en werk bij! Ik heb een jaar in Liverpool gewoond als Au Pair en verder heb ik geen bijzondere opleidingen gedaan. Mijn style... Ik draag van alles, als ik het zelf maar leuk vind, het me staat en mijn eigen draai aan kan geven. Ik hou zelf ook een blogje bij en bekijk ook graag die van andere, o.a die van jou. Ik fotografeer. O.a detail, structuur, architectuur, modellen en natuur! Dit doe ik nu als hobby, maar ik word op regelmatige basis gevraagd en ik hoop er ooit meer mee te gaan doen!

Doei doei!

Beyond My Curls zei

Ik ben Amela van
Ik woon dichtbij Utrecht en ik studeer international business & languages in Amsterdam.
na mn studie hoop ik een baan te vinden die met mode en marketing te maken heeft.
Mijn style is stoer en vrouwelijk. En dat zie ik vaak ook bij jou terug maar toch weer op een andere manier dan mijn maar goed ook :P
Ik volg je al een langere tijd via bloglovin en je blog heeft van de 1 op de andere dag een enorme boost gekregen. leuk om te zien!


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I'm a graduated Fashion Communicator/Designer
(stylist, concept developer, designer, communicator)
looking for a fashion job.
Do you have any tips or something?
Please contact me.


Black western belt
Mintgreen jumper
Large scarfs
Zara shopper
Snake print pants
Silver band rings
Gold sequin dress
H&M Trend fake fur jacket
Zara sequin blazer