I'm really excited to share this awesome give-away with you :)
Two of you (!) can win a giftvoucher worth $80! How great is that!

Do you want to win?
The only thing you have to do is:
- Register yourself at Romwe
- Follow me with Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin'
- Leave a comment including your registered (!) email address

And last but not least, I also have some discountcodes for you:
- Streetfashion1: Save $10 off orders of $50+ (end date: 30th of October)
- Streetfashion1: Save $20 off orders of $100+ (end date:
30th of October)
- HLW20: Halloween Clearance 20% Off (end date:
31th of October)
- 20% off when you register yourself

You can enter this give-away till the 7th of November

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Sash zei

Dada zei

next chance :)

I'm Brenda. zei

aaaah so joining this one, super vette give away :) Ik heb me geregistered! :)

NLR zei

Cool :-)
I've registered:


CiociaSamoZlo zei
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CiociaSamoZlo zei

I wanna! ;))

M* zei

you are such an inspiration everyday!

Veronika zei

Elizabeth Paulino zei @

Margaux zei

i participate!
Margaux P.

Tess zei

ik doe mee!

liefs, Tess

Fashion Dubrovnik zei

I already played this on some other blog, but since I'm never lucky, I 'll try here too :)

Anoniem zei

Wish me luck!!

Sofie zei

yay!! hope im gonna be one of them :D

Sara zei

Imani zei

Diana zei

coopsy zei

this is awesome!

Nena zei
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deb zei

How cool!
I would finnaly be able to afford the bag I've wanted for so long!
Hoping and praying I'm the lucky one... ;)

Yeji Streppel zei

Nena zei

Tee zei

Enter me!

Tree Lover zei

arigatuo mi amore

eneeen zei

Already signed up on Romwe! I believe I'm Google Connected >.> I'm fairly new to this blogspot world! loll Love your style!!!

Mary zei

maggie zei

hope i win!

Lilith zei

I love the leather jacket in the first pic on the left.

Dana zei


Christina zei

Thanks for the giveaway!

Annyal zei

Would be amazing to win!
Your blog is inspiring :)

tessa zei

Oh oh oh! I love free stuff. Love your blog. I hope I win :)

Lucka. zei

Anoniem zei



Weronika zei

Adeline zei


baobei zei

Have registered:

Joanne zei

Thank you :)

Love from Sydney xx

Candid Pink

Sandra zei

Lindsey zei

Dit zou ik graag willen winnen! :)

lindseyschlenter (at)



Nahira zei

nzj.lourens (at)

... zei

modemedvetem zei

i love your style, keep going girl!

Efka Thuy Quynh zei

robin sue zei


Reni zei

I've done everything you've asked for :)

Karolina zei

EvelineVl zei

superleuk, ik heb me meteen geregistreerd!

Blush and Flats zei

LaceandPearls zei

Wow I'm in!

Janneke zei


Clémentine zei

I love Romwe, clothes are so cool!
Anyway, great giveaway.


Marloes zei

Love it! I'm in.

zrno radosti zei

Eline zei :)

Anoniem zei

Derrar zei

I love the outfit of the 2sd picture :)

Ola zei

The Foreign Girl zei Hoop dat ik win!

Coco zei

Super cool give-away :)

Nika zei

kijk er naar uit!

The fashion building / DIY zei

Super zeg! Echt de beste giveaway.


Laura zei

I'm already registered on romwe :D

Ellen zei

I registered and started to follow you on bloglovin :)

Adrianne zei

following you with gfc :) zei

Follow you with Google Friend Connect and I'm already registered on Romwe!
my e-mail is:
hope to be lucky :)

Anoniem zei

DMNT zei

elia zei ;)

Nádia zei


Blabla zei

Yeay, thank you for that!

Bara zei (following via bloglovin)

Daniela Gandra zei

Ina zei

aaaaahhh :)

Anoniem zei

Aaah I like it, I like it very very much! Thank you so much! Ik wacht toch nog maar eventjes met het bestellen van het jasje op romwe, want wie niet waagt, die niet wint! x

Bi zei

Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm following you on Google Friend Connect.

My Registered Email: sakbusra(at)gmail(dot)com

mai zei is my email in bloglovin but for romwe!

RORO >> zei

This really is amazing!
roxyroro95 at gmail dot com

tcheese zei

great :D

Anoniem zei

Nice giveaway!

Astra zei

nataliestam zei

Followed on bloglovin'!


Ruth zei

joining!! :)

MN zei

leuke giveaway!!

jenny k. zei

i love romwe!!!yeah!!!

Berta zei
Follow per Bloglovin.


AngryChair zei

Awesome! Ik was sowieso al geregistreerd en ik volg je ook al een tijdje (:

Steffy zei



ashley zei

this is so great, I love romwe so much c:

Anoniem zei



Dom zei

This website has such great pieces! Looking forward to using the discount codes!

bella zei

Geweldige give-away!

Moniek zei


flyandreturn @ hotmail . com

cavernicola antropofaga zei

Registrered :D

n____n <3

Adela-Chloe zei


Gabriella Le Blanc zei


curious anna zei

hi there ! let's do shopping :D

Kelsey zei

Had me al een tijdje geregistreerd en volg je ook al heel lang!

Unknown zei

Ah, I've registered, and I've been following you on Bloglovin' all this time! >3<

Fashion is a Lifestyle zei

:) yes!

xx zei


Anoniem zei

dreamingofben [ at! ]gmail [ dot ]com

I love your blog, can't wait for the new H&M collab, it sounds promising and more my style than Versace's.

Happy Halloween

La Fille Marielle zei


agnieszkazg zei

Michelle zei

I've registered and am following via GFC (Michelle Yip) (Suz) zei

nicee! ik volg je met bloglovin en ben aangemeld met

---pearlie. zei

Thank you for having a giveaway! :)

GFC: ---pearlie.
Registered on Romwe with:

Princiballerina zei

Anoniem zei

this is so exciting, I really want so many things!! keeping fingers crossed!!
following a while now via bloglovin' :)

registered email is

Tessa zei

This is such an awesome giveaway! I love your blog btw, oh and romwe!

Anna C zei

I loooove Romwe! :)

My e-mail adress is :

Calli zei

Thanks for the giveaway!
geminicalli at yahoo dot com

... zei

... zei

... zei

Joll Burr zei


Fashion on Venus zei

Aaaah leuk zeg! Ben ook echt helemaal weg van Romwe! Zie zoveel leuke dingen.

Annie H zei



Chloé Emma zei
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Chloé Emma zei

Cool give-away :)

April Aviva zei

i've got my fingers crossed (yn)
been watching a few things on my wish list for a while now till I have enough money to order em!

Anoniem zei

OMG, PICK MEEE~!! : ))

fleshmusic zei

would love to get my hands on those vouchers.

Cindel Towanii zei

R. zei

heyy (:
I follow you on bloglovin with this email and I registered in romwe with the same email .

Ronnie. C zei

register, check
follow on bloglovin, check :)

Anoniem zei

argh i love ronwe's clothes and your style so much!:)

yukino miyazaki zei

Severine zei

Thanks for hosting a giveaway !

registered :)

Nurul Aisyah zei

followed :)

Vernice Gabriel zei :)

Netti zei

Vari zei

Chal zei

mswanderlusterphilippines AT gmail DOT com

Whatever zei

sweet look!

chae hyun zei

I hope I get lucky...

vanda zei

Hello!I am finnaly registered with ROMWE and I am loving it!!! I will order some things, that's for SURE!!Thanks for your giveaway! I would like that the gift will come to GREECE!!!
Kisses, VERY nice blog!(already following you on Lookbook!!!)
My name is Vanda Santos and my email:

Marie Vlčková zei

Anoniem zei

Oeh supernice, jij hebt ook altijd van die leuke dingen van Romwe!

An zei

de_bo_ra91 zei


ladunka. zei

basja zei

Anoniem zei

so exciting. LOVE this giveaway.

love mills xxx

Irina zei

jasmineilse zei

Great giveaway!!!

Katherinev zei

R CB zei

Waldtroll in Extase zei
I'm actually from germany but you did not mention any countries being excluded from this, did you?
I would really love to win this voucher, i love romwe!

Natasha Fatah zei

Thanks for the giveaway!
I follow you via Google Friend and I'm registered with Romwe!

celliasaragih zei


Anoniem zei

awesome!! :D

Wiqu. zei :)

Anoniem zei

girl. zei c:

Anoniem zei

Zuz zei :)

Ronja zei

Maya zei


Maya (


Klof zei

véčko zei

Karina De Jesus zei

wow, this is a great give away!! I already have so many ideas of what I would get from Romwe :)
Love your blog, btw. Your outfits are always so classy.


Lmy zei

Your blog is a fashion inspiration and also, I like your style. It's effortless and chic.

Romwe clothes are gorgeous :)
Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

Jacquelyn zei

Followed u on bloglovin!


Ann zei

Awesome giveaway! I love Romwe! I hope I win!

Milka zei

It's the first time that I am on your blog and really like it!
I hope I'm the lucky one :)


Lovely by Lucy zei

Superleuk! Ik moet nog steeds voor de eerste keer iets bestellen bij Romwe, die items die jij hebt zijn zo gaaf!
Ik ben geregistreerd natuurlijk, en volgde je al :)

X, Lucy

Caroline zei

C.R zei

Great, I've registered:

Dia zei :)

Silke - Het is klein en het zei

cooll.. ik heb me geregistreerd
pluimstaartwoelmuis @

en ik volg je al via GFC (hetiskleinenhetblogt of Silke-hetiskleinenhetblogt)


beneaththetrees zei


Angie G zei

Wie niet waagt... :)

Ben geregistreerd.


Bet zei

hriskou zei
Hrisko is in

Lauww zei

Hoop dat ik win!

silvanafv zei

Great giveaway

leather and lollipops zei

Nóra zei


Anoniem zei

want want want !!

name: susana

AnnnMarie zei

pau zei


Natasja zei

Leuke winactie! Ik volg je via bloglovin' en heb me geregisteerd met

Hoop dat ik win!

Meda zei

Cool giveaway! Hope to win this one!


Mireille zei

Love Romwe, Love your blog, Love this amazing giveaway!!

xxx Mireille

annie zei

You always manage to pull off the effortless chic style so well!!

Evelyn zei

First of all, I love your style. It's still "reachable" for me and many others, yet stylish.
I would love to win. evey[at]

sybille zei

Ik heb je zwarte laarsjes besteld van Romwe, kan niet wachten!
Lang leve jou inspiratie.

Anoniem zei

awesome! i love your cuff too!
pastelpiggy at

Remi zei

I love Romwe!

The Daydreamer zei

wow I'm so excited! I've registered on Romwe and followed you via GFC and Bloglovin :D

my email on Romwe :
my email on GFC and bloglovin :

shkm jffrs zei

this is really nice. good luck everyone =]

Vera zei

Dit is mn email:


Song- Thanh zei

Leuke give away! Romwe is zo'n leuke webshop. (:

daniek zei

Ik heb al stiekem een wishlist gemaakt (:
Je blog is echt leuk, lekker clean! Ga zo door!


Patri zei

Lovely outfits,


kelly zei


P&P zei

Follower: Pérolas Pingas

owly zei

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looking for a fashion job.
Do you have any tips or something?
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Large scarfs
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Zara sequin blazer