And another give-away!
This time I can give away 2 jeans of Kasil Workshop, the dark Downtown one and the light Cake one.
So there will be 2 winners, that's more change for you to win ;)

The Darktown jeans is available in size 25 till 31 (length 32)
The Cake jeans is available in size 24 till 31 (length 32)

What you have to do?
1. Like Kasil Workshop on Facebook
2. Follow me with GFC or Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment with your name, emailaddress and what jeans you would like to win.

Curious about how the jeans look in real?
I'm wearing them over here and here.

The give-away ends at the 10th of December.

87 reacties:

Julia zei

Great jeans :)

LaceandPearls zei

I'm in! I would love to win the dark Downtown.

jkb6 zei

Awesome jeans, have been desiring a good dark wash for a while

Would love the dark town jeans in size 30


Jasmin B (

Enya zei

light cake :-)

JoCe zei

Love the skinny rolled up look of these jeans! Also, was curious when i saw you bought the black cap but when you posted the picture below the jeans i could see how well it works! Really cool. I would love to win the "light cake" jeans in 31 :) thank you, from cecilia.

Evaaa zei

Love the dark jeans! Size 31

Tess zei

Super! Ik vind de rechtse (light cake het leukste, leuke naam trouwens voor een jeans :D Ik heb maat 29 :) liefs, Tess

Madoka zei

light cake ! :D

Renske zei

Oeh vet!
Ik ga voor Light Cake maatje 28.

Anoniem zei

Love the dark Downtown!

elisse zei

Woohoo ik doe mee! Vind light cake heel leuk!

Anna zei

I would love the Cake ones! I like Kasil Workshop & follow you on Bloglovin'.

chae hyun zei

I would love to win your give away!
I would like the darktown jeans, size 25. Hope i get lucky..

Sima zei

De light cake is super mooi, dus daar ga ik voor!
Mijn naam is sima en mijn mail is

Anoniem zei

Cake jeans

Andy zei

nice! :)
I'd like to win the darktown jeans! size 31

Alessandra zei

I would love to win The Cake jeans please. Sounds so cute.. Cake jeans..


SwaggaKat zei

thanks for that giveaway)
my choice is the light Cake (size 27)


Arantza Ardanza zei

I love the Darktown jeans :) In size 30

Thank you!

things i think zei

i would like to win the cake jeans please!!! <3
my size is 28

tcheese zei

light cake :D (size 25)

Sharon zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
CinnamonJunkies zei

dark one in size 29 I guess.)

peniam zei

Hello :)
I prefer light cake :)
Thank you!!

annemijnwo zei

Ik zou graag de ligt cake one willen winnen,

Mel zei

Hey Sietske!

I would loveeeeeee the CAKE jeans!! :)

En jou volgen op Bloglovin' deed ik al :)


xx Amela (Mel)

The fashion building / DIY zei

Super! De donkere in maat 27 kies ik :)

---pearlie. zei

I would like to win the dark downtown one!


zrno radosti zei

I want Downtown jeans! :)

Marija Mikulić

Maria zei

Loooove the jeans ! They both would look fantastic on me! I would love the Downtown in size 30.

Nati zei

I love the light Cake one.

I am Nati Molina in Facebook. And my email is:

Thanks for the giveaway!

Peace & Love!
-Native' Secret-

Nina zei

oooh i love this. i don't have facebook, but i hope it wont become a problem.
i would really love to have the light ones in a size 28. Nina -

Patricia zei

I would loveee to win the darktown jeans , they are awesome and the color is so elegant & casual.Perfect.

Bella zei

I would love the dark Downtown in size 29! I liked Kasil Workshop & follow you on Bloglovin':)

Thanks a lot!

Jennie from the Blog zei

wauw mooi! ik zou graag de dark Downtown jeans willen winnen! ik volg je en ik heb Kasil geliked! mijn mailadres is

liefs, Jennie

Laura zei

did it!
i would like to win the cake jeans :)

Vera zei

Liked. en ik volgde je al.

Jeans in maat 29.
Eigenlijk zijn ze allebei erg leuk, maar
mijn voorkeur gaat naar de dark Downtown.



Elsewhere zei

Oulala' the dark downtown would be perfect!

maggie zei

Maggie Pa, liked KW on FB! And following you via GFC.
I would like to win the Darktown jeans! (size 27)
My email is [at]

xx maggie

Anoniem zei

hello, Mills Rhodes - I think the dark downtown ones are perfection.

collifornia zei

I want the Cake jeans.
I like Kasil Workshop on FB (colleen boudreau)
I follow you via GFC (collifornia)
holliister at gmail dot com

kittycat. zei

The dark Downtown for sure!

leatherandstyle zei

De donkere zou ik wel willen winnen! in een maat 28!

celliasaragih zei


the cake jeans

Marta Långstrump zei

Always give-away! I love you!

I like the dark Downtown! Size 27!

Marie Castro zei

Marie Castro

The darktown jeans!

Anoniem zei

I'd looooove the cake jeans, size 31
it's so pretty pretty :D

Ines --

bednarz90 zei

Dark Downtown! what a perfect name :)

Nena zei

Dark downtown ! size 26/27

Olly zei

the light Cake! they're so pretty) size 27
*liked Kasil Workshop and followed you)

thank you for giveaway!!

de_bo_ra91 zei

omg another super giveaway! i like the light cake :)

jed zei

hi! i'm already following you via GFC.
i'd like to win the dark downtown. =)

I Am Dollparts

fashion meets art zei

wonderful blog, honey!
i'm def. a new follower.
hope you'll have a look at my blog too and if you like it, you can follow me too- i'll be waiting for you!
lovely greets and a wonderful wednesday!
maren anita

Anoniem zei

i`d like the Cake jeans.

madalina rogin

jenny k. zei

amazing jeans!and great giveaway! i would like to win the cake jeans in size 29.
my name is jenny and my email is thank you :)

Madam Chic zei

i'd like the darktown jeans.

facebook : ipek değirmenci
GFC : madamchic

Brivvel zei

The darktown jeans is amazing, would be great to be the jealous one :)

cecilielund zei

i will totally love to win the the light cake jeans !

Luciferx33 zei

Great giveaway! (:
And cool outfits ^^

Name: Junmei Sun
I prefer the Light Cake Jeans

Nora zei

Mooie jeans!

Laura Maradam zei

I'd like the darker pair :)

... zei


i'd love to win the light cake one!

i've done all the requirements! :)
my name is cindy ngo |

hoping i'll get lucky!
& thanks for the opportunity!

cindy - design3rd


I love the pale cake ones!

Hell Molko zei

Helen Maia

Dark Downtown!

Anoniem zei

This is a great giveaway, I am dying for a new pair of black jeans. The Cheap Mondays I am wearing almost every day are coming to an end :( So I am going for the Darktown jeans in size 27!

Name: Nienke
Email: cookiequeen[a]

kkubisa zei

hi! my name is Cristina,

i love your outfits - we have similar figures so i can steal some of your ideas and i know exactly what i will look like ;)

i like both of them! but since im usually wearing jackets it would go better with the dark downtown ones

Miukka zei

Hi, I'm Mariana

I love the dark washed ones. Lovely.

My email is


Marloes zei

Hi mijn naam is marloes! And I'm in!! ik vind de cake jeans leuk! maatje 28

talia zei

hi i'm talia and i would love to win the light blue jeans, although the other pair is also to die for!
thank you and i hope to hear good news! happy holidays!

Vari zei
I like the light ones!

pokemon1? zei

Name : Thanh Nhat Charlotte
Mail :
I'd like to win the light Cake one. ♥

Thank you!!

Rafaella zei


glasslouboutin zei

Ik zou heel graag de light cake jeans willen!
Mijn maat is (denk ik) 27.
xxxxx Laura

thyvee zei


I love the darktown one. :]

Anoniem zei

Patricia Gallardo
I'd like to win like cake, but any of the two would do! Hope I win! hihi (:

Anoniem zei


The Light Cake would be perfect :) (size25)


basja zei

i would like to win black jeans;)

Leoni zei

I love their jeans! I would love to win the light Cake one :)
My e-mail is

Kati zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Kati zei

Don`t know what happened on the page ;) SORRY!

I just <3 your blog!!!!

I'd like to win the light cake one in size 27.


Naomi Huober zei


Majcia zei

Their jeans are so pretty :)
Would love to win the dark Downtown, size 25


Hannah zei


Zara zei

Cake jeans :))
Zara Eddi (Facebook name)

snowhite zei

Elena Ionita
The Cake jeans

lylycha zei

The dark downtown is just PERFECT ! thank you for this give away , xx


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