The Romwe give-away had ended a few days ago and here is already a new one :)
This time you can win your favourite customized shorts from Coal N Terry!
You can choose from these 41 shorts!

What you have to do:
- Follow Coal N Terry at their Tumblr (you can also follow them with bloglovin')
- 'Like' them on Facebook
- Just leave a comment at their Facebook page about your favourite item(s)
- Follow me with GFC or Bloglovin'
- And also leave a comment over here with you favourite item(s) and don't forget you emailaddress.

And nice to know: when you like them on Facebook, you get a 20% discount coupon.

This give-away ends at the 20th of November.

110 reacties:

Dada zei

Great shorts and my choise is

Weronika zei
<3 them

welcome to my jungle zei

What a great giveaway! Did everything!

My favorite shorts are these here:


Anoniem zei

fav <3 cat ro not cutoff ::


Vanessa da Silva Miranda zei

i didn't win the last one, hope i win this one.
love vanessa

Maya zei

Following everywhere!! ;)

Diana zei

done :)

Jeanique zei

LOVE these

Anoniem zei

and actually iloveeverything


Anoniem zei

And following : )

Celina zei

i LOVE these

Lena .. zei

yeeeay! these are so nice!! wound be nice to win :-D

my favorite:

I'm following you via google friend connect and bloglovin'

monique zei

Nina Lowe zei

The Daydreamer zei

already followed you and liked them! :D my favourite item is :

celliasaragih zei

i want :


Diane zei

Did everything!
I love those!


Elsewhere zei

Finished everything, this is an awesome giveaway!
I fell in love with

Jeenee zei

Done everything! Hope I win a pair of wicked effect cutoff shorts

Emma en Meike zei

Wow! That's an amazing webshop! I finished everything, so this is my favourite:

KittehsCupcakes zei

I love that webshop, all the shorts.. what an amazing give-away!! Ive done everything. The shorts that I would like to win are these candy woow... so awesome!! xx Tara.

de_bo_ra91 zei

done!! (facebook with the name lena hansen :))

i like and

Lucka. zei

la reina cotilla zei

ana gonzalez sanchez (facebook)

FLEUR-DE-LIS zei see it!

Anoniem zei

I'm in love with this pair

eva zei

ik ben echt verliefd op deze shorts!

Blush and Flats zei

my favourites♥
and it's not all of them :)

Zweiteiler zei

a great giveaway! Love those shorts and your blog. The red one is my favourite! alraedy following on, now also on bloglovin!


debbinadebbuz zei

Wonderful shorts, really :)

Patricia zei

Lovely giveaway, wowwww, did everything!

These are my dream shorts : , black night cut offs :D

e-mail :

... zei

this is my favourite:

tcheese zei

my choice:

Anoniem zei

Wauwww! Supermooie shorts!
Ik heb alles gedaan wat daarboven staat, en hier komen mijn favorieten. Het zijn er wel best wel veel, maar ik kon niet kiezen.. :$


pokemon1? zei
Those shorts are so cool. ♥
Thank you so much!

......... zei
The best for me <3
Btw you have awesome blog!

Manor zei

These are my favourite

-.Amber.- zei

I lovee you and coal & terry vintage for this giveaway!

Really love your style!

Anoniem zei

I would love to have these shorts..

My email:

collifornia zei

- I follow Coal N Terry on Tumblr (collifornia)
- I 'like' them on FB (colleen boudreau)
- I commented on their FB:
- I follow you via Bloglovin'
- My favorite item is:

holliister at gmail dot com

Daphinitly zei

Awesome giveaway!

I would love to get the Mad Pyramid Cutoff!

Vari zei

I love these ones, they're like a piece of art!

Dana zei

Anoniem zei

I'm in it to win it'
/I've done everything you told me to.

Totally love this;

Reni zei

I fell in love with two of them amazing shorts:
I'd looove to win both/any of these:)

Marie Castro zei

Here's my favorites:
pearl dress

talia zei

wow! the shorts are sooo cool! some way tooo short though...

i loveeee this one

and the black dresses they have are to die for!

following on bloglovin' and facebook!

thank you and happy holidays! :)

Unknown zei


-.Amber.- zei

I lovee you and coal & terry vintage for this giveaway!

Really love your style!

Unknown zei

I adore these shorts, and you! You have NO IDEA how obsessed with you I am. That sounds creepy, haha, but it's true.

khusbu zei

followed u and them done evrything...
i loved this
i hope i win...

niah_pi zei

I have an obsession with shorts and I'm already in love with these shorts.

I hope I'll be lucky this time !

CraZy MouSe zei

I love this! Big fan of leopard

RIKU zei


Sabrina zei

I would love to get these shorts:

in size m

evelin zei

i'm definitely in, want these so bad ♥ :

Noortje zei

wauw, ze zijn zo geweldig hè! <3

Noortje zei

wauw, ze zijn zo geweldig hè! <3

Ina zei

great contest! i love all shorts, really hard to choose one!

Manolita Chen zei

In love with Black Knight Cutoff shorts!


I like:


thanks for the give-away!!

Ariadne Ch. zei

my favs are:

but I also love:

my email address is:

amazing giveaway! love your blog xxxxx

Zara zei

Love this giveaway and your blog!Follow you on GFC!
Zara Eddi (fb name)

Yoyoba chan zei

they are simply perfect <3


Unknown zei

Love ur blog!!!
I love these!

maddie zei

I love the mad pyramid cutoffs. New to your blog but I also love it.

doihavetoputmyname zei

These are the ones! good shorts are hard to find

Anoniem zei

Thank you for this give away! love their stuff and was so hard to choose but I loved the weezy spiked cut off
and the original studded cut off

Thank you again,
My facebook is Ana Aguila

iravilaga zei

I love this!
Mad Pyramid Cutoff -



I really like the candy cut off!
they are whimsical and just so cool!


Anoniem zei

i followed everywhere and wrote on their wall xx faves!

Tomiko zei

followed you, them, and like them and commented their facebook :D
looove these *___*


Anoniem zei

I really liked them all! Did it all!

I love the Mad Pyramid Cutoff


Nena zei

i'm in love with those ones

Jimenita zei

Very cool! My favo <3 shorts are Mad Pyramid Cut off!

Kat13m zei
love love love! so pretty!
email is

Heidi T. zei

Top favorite:

Other favorites:

Brille zei

Miss Sunshine Cutoff -
it's perfect! i can't stop looking at them!

name: Gabrielle

marypajee zei

Mad Pyramid Cutoffs! The most amazing thing in the world!

Name: Mary

Rezzy zei

Love it!


VaniaSamanta zei

nice giveaway!!

i'd love to have:
its perfect!


LaceandPearls zei

Amazing giveaway!

I adore these:


Fashion Chloe zei

There are so many pairs I love!!! But my favorite one is the Original Mini Studs Cut off.

CinnamonJunkies zei

I love those.)

Nádia zei

love these:

Jade † zei Love this one, it's so unique ♥

braelynn zei

love all of them but these ones are my fav

Anoniem zei


TY for this giveaway,

I follow Coal N Terry at their Tumblr ( Bbkie)
I like them on facebook ( Emilie M )

I follow your blog on GFC ( eng-ru )

I love : (L)

My email adress :

Hace a nice day !

PearlShopaholic zei

Stela.K zei

Zuzana zei beatiful shorts :D :D

Linh zei

hi sietske!

i'm in, this was the best giveaway EVER! i hope that i win!!! and my favorit shorts it's of course: :) WISH ME LUCKY! hugs

lora zei
love all the shorts from coal n terry vintage! these are my favourites! followed everywhere! thanks so mutch! :D

Isi zei

Here's my favorite, I really really love this one...I've fallen in love:

Hannah; zei

Kimmy zei

im in love with this one :

kelli zei

i need these shorts to be in my life

sihem zei

Cat or not cutoff are my favorite!

I love my old Levi's zei

My e-mail is
My favorite items are:

Luci zei

My favorite item :)

Cyn zei


Juli zei

love this one!!

gabrielle anna zei

Mad Pyramid Cut Off
Wicked Effect Cut Off
Black Knight Cut Off
Black Studded Denim Cut Off


I'd love to win & wear them to my art show Dec 2nd!! Thank you xoxxx

Sydnee Percy zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Sydnee Percy zei

reverse two tone cut off! oorr Original Mini Studs Cut off!

Melissa In Wonderland zei

I absolutely love personalized items :) I've made some myself actually . I love these and would be so grateful if i won :


Ale zei

These shorts are my dream come true <3

Cesca zei

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shorts <3

thyvee zei


;laluce. ♥ zei

Done! :3


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