got 3 new silver chokers from jfr.
you can find them here, here and here.

which one is your favourite?

14 reacties:

Doni Brown zei

I love those!!

Marloes zei

Ze zijn alledrie zo mooi!

Marloes zei

stunning! x

mirjam schuurkamp zei


maggie zei

love all of them! i have one just like the one on the far left, but with two silver plates and not just one.

xx maggie

GoldBlackMirror zei

really cute!!i love this necklace style.

Lisa zei

Wauww, those are stunning! Like the pointy-one !

Felina zei

My favourite is the left one :)

Nina zei

Ze zijn erg mooi.

LaceandPearls zei

Really pretty! I love the left one.

Jessica Deanna zei

Very lovely and shiny.

But to me the round metallic choker is getting common and stale. Similar to metallic wrist cuffs.
An abundance of stores sell them now, with slight variations, but it's still the same style. It would be nice to see some variety.

Which is why I'd like to commend you on the middle V-shaped choker; great buy. Can't wait to see what outfit you put together with it :)
Aesthetic Solar Falcon

Angie G zei

Oeh ik vind de meest linker heel mooi.

slaja zei

I love them all!

THE zei

Cool necklaces!

XO Charlotte


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