And I'm looking for some items I still haven't found:
- a dress and/or just a sequin jacket like the sequins at the second picture
- a jumper like the last picture (a white and cheap one please, so not the one from Isabel Marant)
- a mintgreen jumper, as light as mintgreen can be ;)
- a scarf like the 5th picture (so a knitted, large one) in cream or beige.

Hope you guys can help me :)

26 reacties:

 Ms. Allee zei

Well, Zara had a sequin blazer...I saw had a sequin dress...I think you can try H&M for the white jumper,I saw a nice one on someone else...and for the knitted scarf I think asos may have something...Goodluck!*


klepi zei

very nice photos!

Belle Helene zei

Lovely inspiration. I struggle to find well made sequin pieces, Zara do have some gorgeous sequin dresses at the moment in black and gold, short and long sleeves. As for the jumper, their is a similar open knit cream version in H&M for 19.99, only it has a cable knit pattern on the front, it also comes in a charcoal grey. You should check out, it can be a little pricey but the knitwear and accessories are gorgeous, great for inspiration if nothing else, i've found the L.O.G.G brand in H&M to do very similar pieces.

Hope this helps!

yuma zei

oh very nice inspiration:) i love 4th one.
your blog is amazing!

xo zei

Hele leuke foto's!

ellakii sedgwick zei

so inspirational photos dear love them!!
kisses from,

Tess zei

In de forever 21 verkopen ze een licht mintgroene jumper ;)

The New Girl In Town zei

Great inspirations!:)

xx Laura

Malu S♥ zei

Great inspiration girl!
*Check out my Stylish Confessions!*

kriss zei

great pictures, i love it!

Jorien zei

Really lovely! Great inspiration, love the colours used with the gold, cream, knits and fur! Perfect for winter days.

Xx Jorien

Valerie zei

i love the first picture !!!!!! that's zanna roberts rassi, isnt it? she's gorgeous xx

Valerie zei

Mooie inspiratie!

Lilith zei

Love the necklace


nyja zei

sequin dress/jacket - if you don't want something that everybody has, try disco pony!

ooh la zei

Urban Outfitters has the dress and Isabel Marant jumper

Nina zei

Heerlijke inspiratie!

Janycka zei


Wanneer komt trouwens de 4e hint online?:)


Nati zei

if you find them tell me! I like them too!
Love your blog! I need more post! :)

Peace & Love!
-Native' Secret-

THE zei

I am kind of looking for the same ;)


XO Charlotte

Kaitlyn Marie zei

(I know the one in your pic is not strapless, but these are some nice sequins, and would be very cute with a long sleeved black tee underneath)

loving this scarf myself!

great blog luv :)

Julia zei


Anoniem zei

dress and scarf are awesome!

80dollars zei

About the knitted scarf, i found this one and though of you :
It's doubtless a big big one and the price is big too. You can look on to find your perfect scarf anyway :)

80dollars zei

Or this one, cheaper and so much more similar to the one on the picture!

Anoniem zei

Need a fur vest with a hood too. Seriously where can we get this?! Dilemmas.


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