Just a new give-away from Romwe, just because the last one was só succesfull!
Now you can win one of these lovely coats of the Romwe Haute Couture collection!
Have you already seen yourself in one of these coats?
This is what you have to do to win you favourite one:

- Sign up on
- Follow me with Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'
- Leave a message with your registered (Romwe) emailaddress and what coat is your favourite!

It's possible that the coat that the winner has chosen is sold out when the give-away ends, then Romwe will send the winner one of the other coats.

One last thing.
Here are some discount codes you can use at the webshop:
1. Thanksgiving1 save $15 for $60+
2. Thanksgiving2 save $25 for $90+
3. Thanksgiving3 save $35 for $120+

The give-away ends at the 28th of November.

137 reacties: zei
& nr 1 xx

Marijn zei

Lovely! I love coat number 1.
I've signed up on Romwe already, and I follow you with GFC. My emailadress:

the orange one!! <3

Patricia zei

coat number 6 :D
Lovely coat

Ka$h! zei

number 5! :)

thanks! :)
XOXO Kasia

Steffy zei

I'd love to have the 1st coat. It reminds me of your style and I really love your style.


Yvette zei

Super leuk ik doe mee!

Jas nummer 1


Nora zei

Coat number 1!
Love it!

Kat13m zei

number 1 :) the monoclome one i guess :)
email :
or the orange one :P

Janneke zei

Oeh definitley nr 4 ! Awesome :)

Marloes zei

Ik zou voor de eerste jas gaan! :)

maggie zei

Love the 6th coat! Email is [at]

xx maggie

♥ Waqay zei

Ohhh pleeeaaase, definitly the 1st! Love the colours!

Fashion Chloe zei

Love the first coat!!

emeliestricker zei

Ive signed up on romwe, and im following you on bloglovin. Would love to win!

Natasha Fatah zei

Thank you for another lovely giveaway!
I follow your site and I'm on romwe.

I love coat #3!
natashafatah at gmail dot com

Zuz zei

no. 1

Marloes zei

love it!
the second coat! x

Kat13m zei

i changed my mind number 2 d red/orange 1 !! <3 :)

Anoniem zei

wow what a great giveaway :)

number three is my favorite

Fashion Dubrovnik zei

I follow you and I'm registered on Romwe. I love coat number 6

Evelyn zei

i like nr.2

Nati zei

Love the nº 3, the orange!

Did you like the green sweater of romwe I sent you?

Peace & Love!
-Native' Secret-

Anoniem zei

My favorite is the number 6 :)

Caroline zei

I just love coat number 1 *-*

Bara zei

#6 (size L) would be great :)

Kelsey zei

Nummer 3 vind ik heel gaaf!

Renske zei

Oh wat een toffe selectie, ik ga ik voor nummer 1!

Soňa zei
number 2 :) HOPE

IngeV zei

wauw, de eerste!

Sandra zei

NR. 1!!! :)

Ellen zei

Nr4 :) Registered at Romwe:

Already following you on bloglovin! (

Ps. Not really using my google account! My correct blog adress would be:

Would be great if you could open up your blog for Name/Url comments also :) Then I would comment more often!

jenny k. zei

Registered at romwe
i am following you via bloglovin' already.
i just love the number 1 coat! :)

Bi zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
helena zei

Ik vind die eerste heel vet!
Leuke giveaway, ik volgde je natuurlijk al :)

Liefs, helena

Melissa In Wonderland zei

Love number 4 :) Following you with Bloglovin and here is my Email Address :

thank you for the awesome Giveaway <3

Of ancient race. zei

i love the orange cape, #3.

Laura zei

omg so want to win numero uno!
follow you on blogloving :)

Kristína Fox zei


Anoniem zei

number 1

kersentas zei

Ik vind de tweede heel prachtig, wat een rijke kleur! Dankuwel voor zo veel giveaways!

Dada zei

Caroline zei

Hi there!! My favourite coat is the first one!!

Dom zei

Definitely dying over coat/cape #3

celliasaragih zei


number 3

---pearlie. zei

Thank you for having another Romwe giveaway! My favourite coat from the list is #1 because I really like the cape style! :)

GFC: ---pearlie.
Email registered on Romwe: strawberry_twist[at]hotmail[dot]com

Chal zei

i really like number 3

email: mswanderlusterphilippines [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Marisa Violeta zei

I love the third one :)

Diane zei

I love the N.1 !!

Nurul Aisyah zei

i love no. 6


Emma en Meike zei

Nr. 5 !

Adela-Chloe zei

nr. 2! i've always wanted a red coat for winter!

Sylvia zei

Nr 6,

Marta Långstrump zei

I love the coat number 2!

Maria Alyssa zei

I'm following you now via GFC :)

Email: maria[dot]alyssa[dot]blogs[at]

Favorite Romwe coat: I really like coat #4 the military style jacket because it never goes out of style :)

Weronika zei

nr 1,

Cylia zei

super! coat 4 is mijn favoriet:)

Cylia Tedjawirja

Anoniem zei

Ohh, so much fun! So now I'm trying to enter another Romwe contest, I haven't won anything yet but maybe I have better luck now :D I love the black and white one, nr 1. I would style it with high platform boots, leather pants and a sleek ponytail. And for a more daily style I would wear it with suit trousers and brouges.

But if that one won't be available I really like the orange and the red one to.. Or any of them all really :D My registred email adress is

Have a great day, hugs from Sweden!

Nina Lowe zei



I love cape number 4

CherryChique zei

Ik ben aangemeld bij Romwe en volg je met Bloglovin.
Jas nummer 3!

Ardilleando zei
number one!!!

Anoniem zei

NUMBER ONE !!!!! no doubt number 1 number 1 :D :D

Staša Tovornik zei

love the orange coat number 3 :)

Anoniem zei

Nr. 1 is amazing!!

baobei zei

want to win!!

The fashion building / DIY zei

Sowieso nummer één! Die is echt práchtig!

Anoniem zei

I love the second one!
pastelpiggy at

MANONbonbonn zei

Super leuke give away.
Ik vind de 3e het leukst!

Anoniem zei

My favorite coat is coat 6 ! :)


tcheese zei
coat number one :D

Zara zei

My fav is number 6!Your blog is amazing,your style is so fab!You're one of my favourite bloggers ever :)

CinnamonJunkies zei

6 or 2 .)

......... zei


Anna C zei

I love all the coats, but the second is my fave.
Great giveaway!!


Brivvel zei


modemedvetem zei

first one is soooo me :-) i adore you're style. keep going girl!

Anoniem zei

number 4

Bo zei
Coat #1~!!

de_bo_ra91 zei

love the number 1! :)

Live life glamorous zei

Nummer 1 is een plaatje!

glasslouboutin zei

Number one!

remember-september zei

Love no.6

annie zei

Love the first coat its gorgeous!

josephine zei

Coat number one for sure, I have a small fetish for capes this season.


Astra zei

Coat no. 4 please!!

Audrey zei

Coat 1 is the best. so minimalist! :)


Aimée zei

Nummer 5 is het mooist! Echt een heel erg leuke giveaway, thankuuu!

Bloom V. zei

Absolutely the first one! Following via gfc.

dayanara zei


Elsewhere zei

Oh, I love number 4! *.*

Anoniem zei

number 1 is my favorite!

Berta zei

The first coat is amazing!


Anya zei

Nr. 1 is gorgeous!

M zei

i'm in love with #5,
following you with bloglovin'

wasprum [at] yahoo . com

Aleksandra Anna. zei

number 1, ;)

Ivana zei

Coat number 4
thanks :)

Nena zei

number 2

Isabelle zei

Lovely coats, but my favorite one is definitly the number 1! Thanks a lot :)

Madam Chic zei

Coat number 3

Majcia zei

They're all lovely, but the first 1 is definitely the prettiest! :)

filleK. zei

coat number 1

Silke - Het is klein en het zei

oeh ik zou heeel graag winnen!

pluimstaartwoelmuis @

jas nummer 4!

en ik volg je met GFC, als Silke - hetiskleinenhetblogt en anders Hetiskleinenhetblogt

xx Silke

Terynka zei

I can't decide 2, 3 or 6!

Jeanique zei

I love the first one!

DirtyDiana zei

Ahh amazing giveaway, I love the 2nd cape like coat (red one)


peniam zei

I love the coat number 6!
Thank you!!

Jackie zei

Thanks for having the giveaway! My email is I am following you and I am registered with romwe. My favorite is number 5. :-)

francesca zei

Favourites: 1 and 5, but love all of them <3 :)

Anoniem zei

Nummer 3 is echt heel mooi! Maar ze zijn allemaal mooi!

nonsps zei

I love the Nº1

mayuski zei

number 1!


Dia zei

i think that 3th or 4th :D

Jennie from the Blog zei

nummer 1 is mijn favoriet!!! :)
ik ben lid op romwe en volg je met GFC!

Ms. T zei

i'm a bloglovin' follower! i like the no 6 coat. allthingsgo at

Madoka zei
number 6 !

Oana Cimpeanu zei

Nr 5 please!
Gfc follower as Oana Cimpeanu

FemmesAndFeathers zei

number 2 :)

dayanara zei


po zei
number 6!

Gemnikka A. zei

Thank you! :)
Number 3!!!

R.S. zei

Nr.1 and 4 are very pretty.

Mireille zei

Hi Sietske!
Number 1;

xoxo Mireille

Anoniem zei

I did everything!
Coat number 1 is amazing!

xx Christina

Anoniem zei

number 1 !

size small

love your blog!

Anoniem zei

number 5 is my favourite

efi xoxo

jkb6 zei

Love #6

Your blog led me to bloglovin which is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER...after your blog of

romwe email:

Ln zei

I love coat #5!

SwaggaKat zei

#3 is my favourite!

lots of love from Russia <3

Kat13m zei

coat number 2 :))
email :

Elle zei

I love coat number 2

jed zei

yay! i'm already following you thru GFC.

I love the coat no.1 =)

I Am Dollparts

Kim zei

Coat number 6 is so lovely and could be styled with so many different outfits!

Veru zei

Number 6 is the best!

Kittehs Cupcakes zei

Geweldige giveaway! Mijn favoriet is jas nr 1!


Anoniem zei

Looove #1. I've been searching for a vest like it everywhere! Here is my email:

Leoni zei

My e-mail is
I love coat number 2 :)


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