This is the perfect ring for me..
Look how simple, but how creative, how cute.
Damn I want it. Can someone tell me from what designer it is?
Just found this picture on tumblr.

15 reacties:

 Ms. Allee zei

That's SO cute!*
Good luck finding it!*


Gaby My zei

beautiful and loving ring! great design!

BM zei

Hoi! De ring is van Jungyun Yoon en is ook wel bekend als de 'Inner message ring'.

Julia zei

Wow!:) Great ring :)

Mallory zei

This ring has been made by JUNGYUN YOON !
Have a good day


Cookie zei

wow those are amazing!

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emba zei

Oh how sweet hihi ;p
(kan je trouwens instellen dat je ook kan reageren met je naam, email en website? Want nu wordt je dus, als je op m'n naam klikt, naar m'n oude blog gelinkt..

Anoniem zei

I've seen it just yesterday on line :O
and I'm totally in love with it!!!
it's so cute!!!

a. zei

I've just discovered your blog and it's amazing!

Dom zei

Super cool ring. I love the sheer simplicity of a sold silver ring but the heart imprint is such a cute and unexpected surprise. I don't know the designer but once you find out, I would like to know. I'd like one.

Anoniem zei

Aww cute!

Xoxo Whitney

Anoniem zei

ja die ring ken ik! kan alleen even niet meer op die naam komen, vind hem super maar volgens mij was die nog redelijk prijzig

thisiswhati'dwear zei

Thanks for sharing - This is gorgeous! I would be so content with one of these as an engagement ring - It's so meaningful!!


lies zei

aww dit is echt tof! en vind je parka ook heel mooi :)

mariagpicon zei

Love that ring, and love your blog. You have a new follower! ;)


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