Today I went to the centre of Amsterdam for a few hours..
Had to buy some presents for a Dutch holiday at the 5th of December.
But thennn.. I had to try these jackets on (from H&M and Zara) and now I totally love them!
Unfortunately they're 100 euros each, so I really can't buy both of them.
Hopefully the fur jacket is gonna be in sale soon..
What's your favourite and why?

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marcella zei

nice :)

Steffy zei

I love the sequin better. Although it would be boring to wear it every single day it's just so eye-catching. But I also love the fur one. Love the two colors together.

Julia zei

i love the sequin jacket! it looks soo good on you! the colour suits you well :)

Melissa zei

the sequin jacket is perfect, especially for the holiday season!

zrno radosti zei


Lana. zei

Ik vind ze allebei supergaaf! Als ik het geld had had ik ze allebei gehaald haha. Maar ik zou nu voor de bontjas gaan :).

Nora zei

Aaah ik zou voor de bontjas gaan! wauw, mooie kleur mooie lengte!

Marloes zei

Ik zou de linker doen. Hij staat je zo mooi en ik denk dat hij die 100 euro meer waard is :)

 Ms. Allee zei

You HAVE to get the sequin blazer!*
It looks amazing on you!*


Anoniem zei

I love the sequin jacket, perfect for xmas!

Xoxo Whitney

maggie zei

the sequin jacket looks so good on you! it's really fun and playful, perfect for the holidays :)

xx maggie

Mary zei

love the one on the right :)

jennyjk zei

I would definitely go for the sequins just because the holidays are coming up and it looks so festive. dont get me twisted i love faux fur and i'm currently obsessed with it, BUT def go for the gold. you wear a lot of black and the faux fur goes with everything in your closet. add a little spice into your wardrobe!

Manja zei

<3 <3 <3 sequin jacket <3 <3 <3

Anoniem zei

oh yes I could understand you that the decision is very hard. Both jackets are amazing. I think the left one you could wear it for the coming winter but the golden Blazer WOW what shoul I say -->> amazing!! Take the GOLDEN ONE!! Love, J. from Germany.

Vera zei

Hier kan ik niet tussen kiezen haha


Me zei

Is the fur jacket from H&M Trend? You should go for both!!

Anoniem zei

I like the golden one!
The fur is pretty, but don't really dig the color difference. Good luck! :)
xo Madeleine

Anoniem zei

Het sequin jasje, zo zo mooi!

Daphinitly zei

Wow I love the golden one! I went to Amsterdam last weekend but I haven't found that jacket at the Zara. Too bad.. Anyway take that one!

Nati zei

I love the sequin one. I like much more bright colors and maybe the other is quite dark.
On the other hand, it seems is warmer!
But the sequin one is sooo beautiful!
Tell us soon witch one do you decide to shop in the end.

Peace & Love!
-Native' Secret-

Sima zei

De gouden, absoluut! Staat je ook heel mooi.. En mooie Micheal Kors om je arm, ben er ook voor aan het sparen haha

Kelsey zei

Het sequin jasje! Maar dat is omdat ik totaal niet van (nep) bont houd:)

Merveilleux ▲ zei


THE zei


XO Charlotte

Cylia zei

the glitter jacket:) wil die ook! maar 100 euro is wel duur:P

Her Imagination zei

I love the sequin jacket, too bad there too pricey

Anoniem zei

De glitters :D

eneeen zei

i love that sequin one!! omggg D:

What's In Her Closet zei

They are both adorable! The sparkly one I would wear for a party/new year's eve type event, and the other one I would wear more casually! Which one do you like more?

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