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Finally I found some silver band rings for a good price!
These ones are from H&M Divided, in a pack of 3 rings (silver, gold and the silver large one) for only 7 euros!
I wanted 2 silver band rings, so I bought 2 packs.
Also I received this black knit from Bubbleroom.
I'm wearing it today and it's sooo warm, perfect for the extremely cold winter days.

17 reacties:

rebecca zei

i love the rings! :) so plain but still awesome.

Yth zei

Great finds!

Angelika zei

wow! <3

Nina zei

really nice jumper.

yamina beyondURclothes zei

love it !

♡ yamina

Anoniem zei

The rings are amazing!!! Totally in love with them.
xo Madeleine

Dom zei

I love those rings. I may just have to pick up a few of those myself.

Nora zei

leuke aankoopjes! mooie ringen!

agata zei

those rings are perfect. i must have them. but in Poland i haven't seen them:(
Great blog btw, your style is awsome.

Congrats Agata

Valerie zei

I love both the rings and the pullover. I quite like silver bands in bracelets actually - maybe even more than in rings. I always feel stronger when I'm wearing them :)

A good black knit is a must. Good choice!

xoxo Valerie

GoldBlackMirror zei

i love all!!

THE zei

Cool rings!

XO Charlotte

Laura zei

die ringen wil ik ook nog!

Anoniem zei

Love these rings! I've been looking for similar ones, too. Thank goodness for H&M.

maggie zei

Love the rings! I'll have to look for some like that next time I'm at H&M
xx maggie

Barclay Hurley zei

I like to visit this nice post here give the latest fashion of knit.


Anna G zei

Oh, I just love the look and the price for those rings. I need to check out H&M.


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