A few days ago I walked into the H&M store and found some cute new stuff at the cosmetic department.
Perfect little christmas presents like soaps in a cute tin, lovely little perfumes (perfect to take them with you in your bag),
good smelling body care etc for some good prices! (between 1 and maybe 10 euros)

I just fell in love with this little bottle. It's an eau de toilette for only 2 euros and it smells delicious!
Now thinking of buying more of these cute perfumes..

5 reacties:

Yth zei

Ah, I like it! By the way, I read in a past post you're going to Berlin end december? What do you seek in Germany's party/fashion capital? I'm going too soon so if you have any adresses please tell me ;). Also; your blog is by far my favorite blog & your style is just great. I can't comment on every post because often blogger don't let me ('your account don't have permission to comment' blahhh) - but just so you know; I ALWAYS read your posts and you are amazing! x

Nora zei

ziet er leuk uit!

Julia zei

i bought the same one some weeks ago, because i wanted i little perfume that i can take with me everyday :)

Julia zei

Cute perfume :)))

Anoniem zei

Oh, ziet er heel mooi uit! Ik ga hem eens testen denk ik!


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