i'm pleased to introduce you a new fashion brand called naive25.
a few days ago they send me an email with some information about their brand.
they are a crew composed by different types of artists that are making a mesh up of their
creativities to realize an ambitious project.

as we can read on their website their peculiarity is urban fashion and customized street style with
an amazing sense of glamourous. sound amazing! but this is what they say, at this moment we see
that the preview of their first collection is coming out. we just have to wait and stay tuned with them
following their website (in which there is also a blogger page to sign in), their facebook and twitter
page to see what's new.

i think it's gonna be a great and innovative concept so i'm definitely gonna follow them. you too?
you can follow them over here: website, facebook & twitter

4 reacties:

Suz zei

dat logo vind ik maar een beetje angstaanjagend!

Anoniem zei

klinkt leuk, maar vind het logo idd niet zo uitnodigend hah

Sietske zei

Haha ik vind het logo ook een beetje eng ja, maar ben nu wel extra benieuwd hoe de collectie er uit komt te zien

halfwhiteboy zei

with that guy as their model, it sure is gonna be edgy!


Want to collab or advertise?


I'm a graduated Fashion Communicator/Designer
(stylist, concept developer, designer, communicator)
looking for a fashion job.
Do you have any tips or something?
Please contact me.


Black western belt
Mintgreen jumper
Large scarfs
Zara shopper
Snake print pants
Silver band rings
Gold sequin dress
H&M Trend fake fur jacket
Zara sequin blazer