today i found this amazing golden hair cuff at h&m.
i don't know if it fits with my kind of short hair,
but i just had to buy it haha.
i also was looking for a silver one, but i couldn't find it,
so i think they are only available in gold.
do you like it?

18 reacties:

Sarah zei

Ik vind het super tof!! :) Ik denk alleen dat mijn haar juist weer iets te lang ervoor is :P..

livingbelowtheclouds zei

i love it. It's too bad my hair is a mess and I can't wear it :S

Sara zei

yes i like it very much.

Sietske zei

@ Sarah: Neee ik vind het juist mooi bij lang haar!

Anja zei

Wow, i'm searching so long for a kind of these hair cuff! At H&M? Really? I have to go to Holland asap, here in Germany they don't have it...

So, i really like it! It would be nice to see an outfit with it! ♥

Eline zei

die is echt geweldig!
Doet me denken aan dries van noten!

Marloes zei

Mooi! x

Fashiable zei

Ik ken het eigenlijk helemaal niet, ik ben benieuwd naar een aanfoto

Kelsey zei

Ziet er gaaf uit!

Malu Swartjes zei


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helena zei

Waaat hebben ze die nu ook bij de h&m? Die moet ik oook!

Vera zei

haha supertof!


moded'amour zei

Die is mooi!! In welke h&m heb je hem gekocht?

Lovely by Lucy zei

Superleuk! Ben benieuwd hoe het staat in je haar, je hebt het altijd los, toch?
X Lucy
Lovely By Lucy

Eva zei

OMG! That is gorgeous! Hope I'll be able to buy it in Spain xoxo

Suz zei

wauw, die is echt super!

Angie zei

Yes, I really like it and now I also want it ^-^. But I'm afraid it will arrive to my H&M like in a month or so, we always get the stuff later ¬¬. It will look really cute in a messy pony tail or in a braid :D

halfwhiteboy zei

i think it's beautiful. hope you post a photo when you get to wear it.


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